Babble Networks offers proprietary smart Wi-Fi technology for public and commercial spaces and Wi-Fi as a marketing tool. Our cutting edge Wi-Fi technology uses software based smart Wi-Fi routers to provide wide range, high speed internet access to customers frequenting any location. This technology also allows brands to deliver targeted, localised advertising content in several categories to lakhs of our public Wi-Fi users across Chennai. Babble Net is available in around 20 high-spend, high-footfall hubs in the city offering brands the opportunity to capture the attention, build awareness and lead-to-action lakhs of potential customers every day!
Smart Wi-Fi Technology
Babble Networks’ Smart Wi-Fi technology is available in large public access areas such as beaches, city landmarks, shopping malls, commuter stations, airports, hypermarkets, educational institutions, social clubs and more. Brand owners and management authorities can avail our Wi-Fi router technology to provide free and limited access Wi-Fi to incentivise visitors and increase footfall. The technology is also easy to use and maintain with dedicated software that allows client content management and easy reconnection to regular visitors.

Wi-Fi Content Marketing
Babble Networks’ public access Wi-Fi brings people, places and technology closer together. While our seamless, high speed network ensures customers are always connected to their interests and loved ones, we also use the opportunity to advertise localised, target specific content for businesses and brands that will attract customers. Babble Networks content advertising platform offers this unique channel where customers are most engaged and on the move increasing the chances of conversion. Attracting customers who use our free Wi-Fi technology is a great cost-effective way of grabbing their attention as opposed to traditional methods of marketing.