Smart Wi-Fi Technology For Businesses

Every day colleagues, friends and family furiously make plans, to catch a movie, spend a day at the beach or hangout at the mall for some much needed retail therapy during the weekends. Meanwhile, big brands and businesses spend an entire work week advertising to them to in the hopes of grabbing their attention. In this battle for marketing real-estate and crores spent in advertising only very few come out on top.

If you are a venue that houses these businesses such as malls, shopping centres, cinemas and coffee shops, the pressure is certainly on to satisfy both the customers looking for a good time and the brands that want to sell. Where traditional marketing has failed venues in attracting footfall and prospects, a brand new way to satisfy sellers and customers is here!

Smart Wi-Fi Technology

Babble Networks offers a wide-range, smart Wi-Fi technology to malls, coffee shops, shopping centres, cinemas IT parks and public spaces to encourage traffic. Offering free Wi-Fi incentivises customers to frequent the venue and build habits that are guaranteed to help improve sales for businesses dependant on this traffic.

IT Parks

A recent study shows that customers try to access the Wi-Fi at any public space such as a mall, hospital or hotel within 10 minutes of arriving. This has cemented free Wi-Fi as a key component in customer service. Spaces that offer free Wi-Fi have also been observed to have a better business rating than those that don’t, making it critical in repeat business and customer recommendations. Babble Networks’ smart Wi-Fi technology offers public spaces such as malls, hospitals, hotels and multiplexes the opportunity to leverage Wi-Fi through the following features:

  • Long Range Communication
  • Omni Directional Coverage
  • Dual-Band Speed Up to 1750 Mbps
  • Weather Resistance Hardware
  • Wireless Enterprise Security
  • 250+ Concurrent Clients

What does this technology do for you?

Build a reliable and lasting relationship with businesses dependent on your ability to pull footfall for sales. Create opportunity for brands to be excited about marketing your venue and create a strong customer engagement. Venues and businesses that are recommended by customers gain a better reputation than brand awareness built solely on ads and marketing.

Another unique feature about Babble Network is a revolutionary Wi-Fi marketing platform that can be used by venues to advertise to customers using the free Wi-Fi. Brands can reinforce their product and service or simply nudge seasonal sales using this free W-Fi as a digital marketing platform. This is guaranteed to be a quick, cost efficient way of impressing prospects while simultaneously providing a better customer experience. Done right, Wi-Fi technology can do a lot more for your venue such as:

  • Free Venue Promotion
  • Platform For Marketing
  • Localised Selling
  • Effective Remarketing
  • Enhanced Customer Targeting

Get To Know Your Customers

In addition to being a cost effective tool to market locally to customers and reinforce your brand image this platform allows businesses to understand their customers better. Basic customer information such as their email and mobile numbers can exponentially increase prospects. Brands can improve brand loyalty through creative loyalty campaigns and timely sales and offers. A user friendly console allows the venue manager to create and manage ads to be displayed through the free Wi-Fi channel directly to the user’s mobile device. This personalised experience is a no-brainer in earning a loyal customer following.

Be it a sprawling commercial venue or even a small to mid-level business do not hesitate to make the switch to digital with free Wi-Fi technology, because with something as simple as free Wi-Fi you can establish a quick cost efficient way of impressing prospects while providing a first class customer experience that is critical to any businesses success!

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